Maintenance policy

If one of the following circumstances falls outside the scope of the warranty, the maintenance shall be charged as appropriate.

(1) no warranty card can be produced during the warranty period. The product is not in conformity with the warranty card.

(2) the failure and damage of the product is due to the user's working environment specified by the non - American company (such as power supply, uneven media, waterproof material, temperature, humidity, altitude, or atmospheric pressure, etc.).

(3) Failure or damage of the product caused by the virus infection of the product during the use of the user.

(4) The failure and damage of the products are caused by the use of the authentic consumables (ink, accessories, consumables, etc.) provided by the non-Meijie company.

(5) all parts are damaged due to improper use and human factors such as entering liquid, falling damage, inputting suitable voltage, extrusion, deformation, bumping, scratching, breaking, breaking and natural disasters, or not in accordance with the description of the product (product itself, product packing box, product manual / manual and other forms). Material) Failures and damages caused by the operation of the above mentioned methods and precautions;

(6) Faults caused by the connection of computer software and hardware, and damages caused by the faults caused by the users in handling and transportation;

(7) To modify, disassemble and repair the product without the authorization of the company, resulting in failure, damage or use of accessories and consumables other than the company's products. Failure and damage caused by the dismantling, maintenance and modification of the products without the written authorization of the company; failure and damage caused by force majeure;

(8) The warranty period is one year. From the date of leaving the factory, free repairs will be carried out during the warranty period, and life-long maintenance services will be provided.

(9) Damage caused in transportation or disassembly and failure to comply with the operation instructions and matters needing attention.

(10) The company does not provide free replacement services for accessories (rails, sliders, racks, gears, motors, etc.) that are not maintained in accordance with the maintenance manual.

(11) Our company will not be liable for any other undertakings made by the seller to the customer under the Non-Mercedes Guarantee.

Policy and declaration of warranty

(1) The geographical scope of the warranty is limited to the mainland of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

(2) because the user can not produce valid warranty certificate (warranty card or purchase contract original, invoice); the name of the sales unit (the seal is valid) is incomplete, altered and forged, and the product warranty is based on the information recorded by the United States company.

(3) Ink system (print head, encryption dog, cartridge, ink stack, ink bag, grating, decoder, car board, probe, etc.). Vulnerable, consumable, etc., not within the scope of warranty;

(4) Loss or damage of random attachments (instructions, operating procedures and maintenance manual, warranty card (electronic version), etc., which are not guaranteed by Meijie.

(5) Customers need to keep the warranty cards properly, and Meijie does not issue any warranty certificates.

(6) The user shall be responsible for the safety of the data stored in the product and take necessary measures to protect and back up the data. The Company shall not be directly or indirectly liable for any loss of data such as documents, programs, etc. of any user or failure of a removable storage medium.

(7) Do not assume any responsibility for the indirect loss or future profit caused by product failure

(8) all end users must carefully fill in the tracking acceptance form and sign in accordance with the warranty regulations, and send the original piece back to the United States by mail within two days after the engineer has brought back or install the machine. If not signed or returned to the American track and acceptance form, the company has the right to consider the machine as a self waiver.

(9) The right of final interpretation of the above clauses belongs to Jinan Meijie Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

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