After-sale service

First, the purpose of after-sales service

"Customer first, service first", to provide customers with quality and first-class star service.

Two. The principle of after-sales service

1, we provide customers with high quality services, customers are in call, always ready for customers, in a good time with the customer, on time to the scene and quickly deal with the problem, so that customers in the shortest time to restore production.

2, we opened the after-sale service line, a professional technician quickly exclude any technical problems for customers, at any time welcome your call exchange, consultation.

3. We give free warranty to the parts damaged by the quality problem during the warranty period. If the parts have been damaged during the warranty period, to ensure your production, we can provide the parts for use until the original parts are repaired.

4. When a customer has made any complaints or complaints about the company, we will be careful to listen carefully and be resolved within 48 hours of the complaint and give you a satisfactory reply.

5, we carry out tracking services for customers, through the irregular after-sales service, we go to the site for the user to provide professional technical guidance, face-to-face technical exchanges, the customer to the equipment debugging, maintenance, maintenance more in-depth. We constantly collect customers' opinions and listen to our customers' voices to make up for our shortcomings and provide better quality service for you in the future.

Three, the goal of after-sales service

Our after-sales service continuously provides star service for customers. Now we have ten after-sale technicians, with various service resources, excellent technical services, and professional knowledge and honest and trustworthy work attitude. We will serve our customers carefully, meticulously and professionally. We welcome customers to put forward their valuable opinions and make us improve and create a better future.

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